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Customer Reviews

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  • Glenn

“We are SO excited Empty Quiver Archery is open! Our family loves coming here to shoot.

The range is bright and open and clean. Glenn is an awesome coach! ”


  • Mike

“Mike was a great help helping me decided on a bow to buy and helps me everytime i go! I feel like family when i go!!! I can just go and shoot and feel so relaxed and always have a great time!! ”


  • Glenn & Mike

“We had my sons 12th birthday party at Empty Quiver. All had fun, learned safety and valuable skills. Glenn and Mike

have a great way of connecting with kids and keeping them safe, laughing and interested.”

Mackenzie A

  • Glenn, Mike, Ed,Kendric,Whit
Mackenzie A's photo

“I have been shooting with Glenn and Mike for over a year, I have improved greatly and enjoy archery a lot. The coaches are great, and encourage you to do your best. Empty Quiver is a second family to me, and I will always treasure the friendships I've made here!”


  • Glen

“We had my son's Birthday party with twelve boys about 9 years old. I was concerned that some of them would not have the attention span to last 2 hours. Glen and his team did a great job having everyone learn to shoot for about 45 minutes, we took a break to eat some cake and celebrate and then back to shooting at balloons for a while to keep them interested. Everyone had a great time. Thanks Eric”

J Coursey

  • none

“Good clean fun, good lighting and a friendly atmosphere plus knowledge behind the counter is a bonus I would recommend to any beginners and pros.”


  • Jolene Hoffman

“Started shooting in January here with a coworker at lunch. Incredibly kind, helpful and knowledgeable staff. After shooting almost every Friday since then, and improving my accuracy, I decided to take a lesson with Jolene yesterday. She is such an amazing individual and was very patient with my questions and her teachings. Am I glad I took the lesson. My newly gained posture, breathing, release and bow hand methods has shown and immediate and significant improvement in my accuracy. Thank you Jolene!!!”


  • Many

“My girlfriend and I came in for something to do and try it out. We had a great time and plan on going back. Each of the instructors that I dealt with was more than willing to step up and help you or answer any questions you may have had. Mike was behind the counter and he explained all the gear and was very patient with us as first timers. Even after he explained the glove me and another person put it on wrong but he let us know and was great about it. When on the line shooting the coaches were very encouraging to everyone and really tried to build on your strengths as an archer. I unfortunately don't remember all the coaches names that were on the floor or I would tell you about each of them. They want you to have a good time and be safe. Great place to learn or even to free range. I had a great time with balloon shooting. Thanks again everyone!!!”


  • Glen and Mike

“I have known Glen for years and was excited to have found him at an archery range a few years ago. I am even more excited that he and Mike now own one. I drive past a couple ranges to get to theirs. The atmosphere is great, the people are awesome, and everybody I have sent to Empty Quiver has come back and told me they have found their "archery home." It does not get much better than that! ”

Neal & Amalia

  • Nathan, Julianna

“What a great place. The coaches are the best. They are so personable, easy to work with, and GREAT with kids. My daughter began last year, and she improves each time we go. I wouldn't go anywhere else.”

Joe McFarland

  • Mike

“My daughter wanted to try archery so I went online and searched the Denver area for places to visit. Empty Quiver Archery had some of the best reviews through Google and Yelp. What stood out in the reviews was their friendliness and customer service. Many of the reviews of other ranges commented on the negative customer experience which is unfortunately typical of most shooting ranges. We live in SE Aurora and Broomfield is a bit of a trip for us but I thought it would be worth driving up to their location and just asking some questions. We walked into their facility and I was impressed with the friendly, family oriented and laid-back (in a good way) atmosphere. I'm ex-military and shoot hand-guns and have been to many (too many) ranges where they are way too uptight and run the range like a military shooting range. Safety must always be number one on any weapon range but too many of these places scare my kids more than assist them and ruin the experience. Not here... these guys are great. Mike and Glenn both went out of their way to make the experience safe and enjoyable for both my daughter and myself. This place is top-notch and my daughter has already set our next date to go and shoot again (this time with a friend). It's worth the extra driving time...”

James D

  • Glenn and Mike
James D's photo

“Glenn and Mike have worked with me and my boys for years, so it was a no-brainer to move from our old range to theirs. These gentlemen and their staff have incredible patience and make the entire shooting experience fun AND educational. They make it look easy, but it isn't. The staff at Empty Quiver run a top tier operation and their success in the classes and competitions proves it. Glenn and MIke, thank you SO much for everything you do! You are a blessing to my family and the archery community!!”

KC Kennedy

  • Glenn

“My wife, mother-in-law, and I recently had a great experience at the empty quiver. We walked in and were immediately welcomed by the helpful and knowledgeable staff. By the end of class we were talking about purchasing bows and frequently returning to the range. Thank you guys for a great day!!!”

Rob W

  • Glenn
Rob W's photo

“Empty Quiver is a family-friendly range that is welcoming to all levels. Our whole family looks forward to our shooting days.

From friendly, helpful coaching to equipment and repairs, Empty Quiver provides everything you could need for an amazing archery experience.


  • Glenn and Mike

“I started out with a question/repair to my personal bow and was so impressed with the service and shop I now bring my children in to shoot in their classes and they love them.

The staff is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly, I could not have come across a better company for my personal growth and knowledge nor could I ask for better instructors for my children.


Thanks Glenn and Mike!”

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