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Target Team

Sunday evenings are dedicated for competition shooters and is by invitation only. If you are interested in shooting in competitions, please contact one of our officers or coaches for more information. There are over 75 different divisions available to compete in, depending on age and the types of equipment each archer uses. Just remember, once you start "the season" you need to remain with the same style all year. Each season begins in October and finishes in July.

How the Overall Colorado State Archery Championship Point System Works:

1. To start there are three Mail-In Tournaments. Mail-In's are worth 5 participation points no matter what place you take. They are to inspire participation in club activities.

2. There are four major tournaments that decide the Overall Champions.

  • Two Indoor Tournaments
  • Two Outdoor Tournaments
  • Each tournament is worth a possible 55 point for a 1st place victory.
  • Subtract 5 points for each place from 1st . (Ex 2nd place 45 pts, 4th place 35 pts)
  • Plus every archer that finishes a tournament gains 5 participations points.
  • A perfect season consists of 235 overall points.

3. At the end of each season the archers in each division with the highest total of overall tournament points will win the Overall Colorado State Archery Championship.

Additional Costs to be Expected From Joining the Target Team

1. Memberships to Join

Must become members of the: Juniors Adults Family
Colorado State Archery Association (CSAA) $15 $15 $30
and one of the following organizations      
the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) $25 $65 $80
the National Archery Association (NAA) $35 $50 $80

2. Target Team Uniforms: Approximately $35 per shirt.

3. The Cost of the Tournaments:
This can vary greatly depending on the locations of the tournaments.

Entry Fees:

$20 - $35 per tournament per shooter

$5 for each mail-in

Travel Expenses and possibly hotel stays may apply per trip.

4. Equipment:
Sharp Shooter members are expected to have purchased their own equipment and to keep that equipment in proper working order.

5. Bear Creek Lake Park - During the summer month we try to use Bear Creek Lake Park for outdoor practice. The entry in the park is $7 per car or approximately $50 for a yearly pass.

6. Holiday Shoots or Tournament Celebrations - We might ask you to bring a pot luck dish.