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Safety First

We make safety a priority at Empty Quiver. Every new participant goes through our safety program and range rules before they begin to shoot. Our seasoned coaches and staff ensure the highest level of safety. The kids love to get involved in the safety of the range and often will yell out when the line is "Clear".

The following link is full of great information regarding the safety of archery. A look at archery compared to some of the most common sports.

Throughout its long history in recreational sports, archery ranks as one of the safest activities offered in any organized group setting. Especially impressive is the fact that archery maintains a consistently high safety record despite the fact that participants range from grade-school children to senior citizens, many of whom have never before picked up a bow and arrow.

Archery is one of the safest sports, with an injury rate of less than one incident per 1,000 participants. This data is from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System and represents the hospitals which actually record the information.

"Target archery is one of the safest sports for kids because the discipline involved teaches participants to be safe while having fun."
Mark Miller, Past President USA Archery

"I have been involved in youth archery programs since 1973 and have never had nor heard of any serious archery accident or injury."
Ronald A. Howard Jr, PhD Professor and Extension Specialist - 4-H

"We implemented archery in schools across Kentucky in 2002, and because we emphasized safety with our students, conducted training for all teachers, and adhered to standard procedures, we have had a remarkable safety record. Vigilant school districts are always concerned about liability issues, especially with sports and recreational activities, and archery consistently proves itself one of the safest sports taught in our public schools' physical education programs." Commissioner Gene Wilhoit Kentucky Department of Education