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Frequently Asked Questions

Empty Quiver has several different Youth classes. Which one is right for me?

We have several different classes, but we all belong to one big family. The Thursday and Saturday classes are typically beginner and intermediate shooters. Sunday evenings are reserved for advanced students and competition shooters. All classes have the same coaching staff and teach the same shooting techniques called the B.E.S.T. method. The Biomechanically Efficient Shooting Technique was developed by Kisik Lee, the United States Olympic Archery Head Coach and is taught at the U.S. Olympic Training Center.

I have never shot before! How difficult are your classes?

Our instructional program is designed for brand new students who have never shot archery before. Safety rules and procedures and shooting fundamentals are explained and demonstrated and each student gets brief one on one instruction and supervision with a Coach.

Can children take these classes?

Children are welcome! Our classes are for ages 6 to 86!

Can children shoot on the range during non-class open shooting times?

Yes, children may shoot as long as they have their own equipment and are accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian, and follow all range safety rules and procedures.

Are there any kinds of membership fees?

Empty Quiver does not have any type of membership fees or dues.

What if I can't make it every week?

Absolutely, no problem! We work on a come when you can basis. We are here every day of the week with the exception of a few holidays and a few dates for tournaments.

When would it be time to purchase my own equipment?

Most salesmen would like to sell you something today. We however, prefer to go slow, in fact, the slower the better in most cases. When trying a new sport, many people rush into purchasing equipment that could cost several thousands of dollars. Our coaching staff typically does not recommend purchasing equipment for several weeks, even months. When you are ready for your own equipment, you will know! If you are interested, our coaches would be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss the many, many options that you have. Empty Quiver Archery also has a very knowledgeable staff to answer equipment questions.

Shooting sports have gotten a bad rap. How safe is archery?

Archery has one of the fewest injuries of any sport anywhere, including Volleyball, Tennis, Fishing and Golf. Badminton and Table Tennis just barely edged us out. In 2004, the National Safety Council completed a study on sports related injuries around the United States. At that time, there we 82 reported injuries in all of archery with over 6.7 million participants. That means that less than 0.1% of all archers reported an injury serious enough to require medical attention.

In over eight years, we have never had an injury more severe than a bow string burn on the arm and we intend to keep our perfect record!

Is advanced registration required to take the free beginner class?

No, advanced registration is not required at this time although it is extremely popular and classes regularly fill up. Come at least half an hour early to get set up and get your spot in class.

Is advanced registration or reservations available?

Yes, please call and speak to Mike to reserve your spot.

Does everyone that comes to the classes have to register?

Our insurance requires all participants who intend to go through our instruction and shoot to complete a registration form and sign a waiver. Those who are only observing are not required to complete a registration form unless they are accompanying and supervising a minor child. Then the parent or guardian must complete and sign the registration form on behalf of the minor child.

Are the Beginners Classes crowded?

Yes, archery is very popular and large crowds often show up for our classes. Arrive early! We average about 15 people per class. We also have 3 or 4 instructors per class, so everyone is very well looked after.

Who teaches your classes?

All our instructors are certified by USA Archery and/or National Field Archery Association who volunteer their time to teach in our beginner programs.

If I already know how to shoot, do I have to attend class first?

Experienced archers do not need to take our beginner course to shoot at the range during open recreational shooting times. However all archers who wish to shoot during our beginner classes must have gone through our safety course, and all shooters must follow all range rules and safety procedures at all times.

What hours is the range open?

Winter Hours: Empty quiver is open 10am - 10pm Mon - Sat; Sun 10am - 4pm

Summer Hours: Empty quiver is open 7 days a week 10am - 10pm

Do I have to belong to Empty Quiver Archery to shoot at the range?

No, Empty Quiver does not have membership dues or fees.

Is archery equipment available to rent?

Yes. Archery equipment is available for use during our Beginner and youth instruction classes.

Is private instruction available?

Yes, private instruction is available. See instructors at the range for details or call the range and speak to Glenn or Mike for further information.

Can groups and private parties reserve part of the range?

Yes, they can. Group and private lessons are offered. For your convenience, all equipment is provided along with a certified coach. Call to set up a lesson for yourself or a group.

My son or daughter would like to have their birthday party at the range. Is this possible?

Yes, Absolutely! Call Glenn or Mike to set up your party. Please schedule in advance and tell us how many will be in your party so we can reserve enough lanes and equipment for you. You will receive rental equipment, targets, balloons and instructors. Birthday party reservations include 2 hours of range time. We also have a refrigerator and freezer for your convenience.

Are crossbows and broadheads allowed?

Crossbows and broad heads are NOT allowed at the range due to issues of safety and range damage.