7180 West 117th Avenue, Unit C, Broomfield, CO 80020
PHONE (720) 887-6822

Glenn Schultz

Owner and Coach

Glenn Schultz has been an avid archer for over 50 years, and has been teaching for 40 years. He is dedicated to growing the sport and to introducing as many people to this amazing sports as he can. He is a beloved coach with many of his students going on to successfully compete at the State, National and World competitions. Glenn coaches both the finger and mechanical release styles; Bare bow and sight; recurve and compound.

Glenn's love and dedication to the sport has led him to serve as an officer with the Colorado State Archery Association for over 28 years.

  • 2 World Championships
  • 9 National Championships
  • Numerous State Championships
  • World Record in Competitive Bowhunter Division
  • State Record in the Barebow Division
  • NFAA Certified instructor 1980
  • Double Robin Hood! (Pictured Left)

He is also an avid hunter with harvest of deer, elk, antelope, bear and turkey.

Student Quote

"Glenn's laid back style makes everything seem easy. All the while you are learning everything you need to know to be a successful archer. One day I realized, 'Oh my gosh, I am actually able to compete and have fun and be safe. I know so much more than I thought I did.' Glenn is like the Yoda of archery. He has you competing at a level you didn't realize was possible. "